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WOW this was worst ordering experience I have ever had! I will try to make this short and I will be writing poorly so I don't waste too much more of my life on Northstyle.

Found perfect jacket via catalog I never requested- no problem there.

Ordered jacket online, never received email conformation but did have the order number on automated confirmation page. Called the saddest customer service rep ever, said they were moving locations and the website was down, call back next week, see if it was fixed. I tried to used site to check order status, order status website doesn't even work- directed me to an unsubscribe page. I called back next week, they said it didn't work and advised me to place order again. Placed order again on site, received order # via website page but no email conformation again. tried to check order status on site again, still didn't work (Did this throughout whole process, it never worked, will stop mentioning). Called customer service, they said it still didn't go through. Long story short, I ordered the jacket SIX times as directed by customer service. I tried to speak with a manager/supervisor twice both times waited over 30 minutes each- (not even exaggerating) before I hung up. In the end I was charged THREE times and was sent THREE jackets of SIX orders that I was told weren't processed. When I called customer service to tell them how many times I've been charged she said I had to wait until they came in, then I would have to pay for the shipping to send them back, and then they would refund me, I offered maybe she could send me return labels, she sounded uninterested and said that is not an option. What makes her think I trust them with charging or even refunding my card? The order numbers I received through the website, through email confirmation (that I got weeks later) and through tracking numbers didn't even match up. I don't know what happened to all the orders but eventually I only cared about what I was charged for. The WORST PART is that the jacket is too big!! I really want this jacket so I returned one of them with an exchange. I don't know if the customer service people will be able to manage that correctly so we will see what happens. I called customer service at least 15 times throughout this process, every agent was equally or more morbid every time. Highly uninterested in assisting despite my forgiving attitude. I still haven't received my new jacket or even a notice they have my return) according to USPS they have had it for 3 days now), and I haven't received any refunds either.

One of the dumbest things is that if you google search Northstyle, very high on the search results, is (excuse the language) "". Yikes


Monetary Loss: $414.

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