Somehow I was roped into this "club" (perhaps to receive free shipping) but to my recollection there was no explanation of a continuing charge that appeared a few weeks later. I have placed an inquiry with the credit card company and received a refund but this may not be enough to turn off the charge permanently.

I suggest you find another source for whatever you are buying.

Since I have to submit 100 words and I've said everything I wanted to say already guess I'll just keep tying until I reach that magic number. Thanks for listening and buyer beware.

Product or Service Mentioned: Northstyle Membership.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Had same experience ! I've made three calls to this so called vip customer service.

They say I'm going to get refund but nothing yet. Will never order from north styles again.

Mountain View, California, United States #799110

I too am a victim of the VIP scam.....yes this is a scam. I did not authorize a monthly charge, althuogh they say I did.

When I called to say I want mt money back they said no, " this is a non-refundable charge that I agreeded to." When I said that is basically *** they said, "oh well." This is truely a crazy practice.

Is the goal to just *** their customers off so they will never order again, because if that is the goal, good job. I WILL NEVER ORDER WITH NORTH STYLE AGAIN!

Hollywood Park, Texas, United States #741896
I too have this problem however I never received any help. When I called customer service they told me no record of me being in the vip club that I had to go to my bank, my bank said in order to stop I have to change my bank card, What a friggin goat rope and it *** me off that I have to fix it. Their customer service sucks and I will never order from this company again :( :(

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