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Following a legitimate purchase on 11/20/2013, a monthly charge of $12.97 began appearing on our US Bank statement. The latest appeared on the November 2014 statement.

I called to ask for an explanation on 12/15/2014. My question was: "What service or product was I receiving for these repeated charges?"

I never received an answer that I could understand. Finally, I was turned over to a supervisor who could not answer the same question. I was treated as if I was in the wrong and when I suggested that these charges SUGGESTED FRAUD, I was castigated as a "miscreant" (my word) and the call ended up in a pointless shouting match. I have since reported the whole matter to the bank and if that doesn't work I will contact the F.B.I. since the public mails were used to carry out the fraud.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $156.

Preferred solution: Investigate PGI* Northstyle VIP & Club..


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Same thing happened to me. This is utter baloney and I will never order from this catalog again.

Tomball, Texas, United States #1324714

I recieved an order from northstyle they told me I would recieve free shipping since I spent over 49.00.I was asked about vip program for 14.99 a month i declined.

I received my order the clothes were cut wrong, bad construction and material was not what the catalog described. They charged me 19.99 for shipping.

Called customer service to return I have to pay for shipping and they were not Pleasant.Never again.


Was simple to cancel; called the credit card customer service ... Rep called them with me on the phone; they PGI will refund...

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1288765

I can see where people didn't realize they signed up for this.I signed up for this accidentally as the 'form' was not clear that you were signing up for anything but free shipping until the end where I pressed the 'enter' button and noticed the line about the charges flying by at the same time.

Since I would save enough on my order to cover a month's charges I decided to see what happens. It is a weird rebate system because you have to send them your receipt and then wait for a check in the mail. It's been about 3 weeks and I have not received a check yet.

We'll see....I just made another purchase and sent that receipt too but you have to remember to do this every time you buy.

Miamisburg, Ohio, United States #1262701

They're still at it. I just found an unauthorized charge on my credit card. Called and they are crediting it back, but too bad they lost a customer, as I will not do business with anyone who engages in such questionable conduct.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #1252799

I started receiving the same mysterious charges at $14.95/mo.I would never have signed up to pay almost $15/mo if I saw it the first time!!!

I am an intelligent, professional woman and believe I read pretty carefully, but sure didn't mean to sign up for this.

BUT, the customer service gal I spoke with cancelled it for me and I will chalk up my $44.85 fees as having missed something.

For the Feb 10 #1109734 comment - that was a pretty rude approach to someone's legitimate issue, imho!

Joplin, Missouri, United States #1175945

I just noticed a charge on my cc for $14.95. I plan to call Northstyle one


It's interesting that you're complaining.I have this service and I distinctly remember signing up for it.

After your purchase from Northstyle, a pop up comes up and asks if you'd like an opportunity to receive free shipping and a rebate. If this charge is appearing then you answered yes and re-entered your credit card number. Absolutely no fraud. The sad part is that you're missing out on an amazing service.

For your monthly charge, you can submit rebate claims for purchases made a 100s of stores for 5% of your total purchase. AND if the purchase is made online, they'll also refund up to $9.99 of your shipping cost. It is amazing how quick this adds up to a size able amount. You will recoup your investment in the monthly membership fee many times over.

It's too bad that you didn't take the time to read and just flew off the handle instead.Your loss!


I have also been subject to this same situation only mine is a monthly charge of $14.95.

to Anonymous #1173465

I also received this charge at $14.95 a month for 7 months.It said click here to receive free shipping and it was 'free', it was not clear that after 30 days it would cost $14.95.

I would never have signed up on a small purchase to save on the shipping just to pay $14.95/month afterwards.Ugh!

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