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When you place an internet order and get to the end of the order process, they ask you if you want to save some percentage or other and get free shipping. Of course, who doesn't want that. When you click yes, you are auto enrolled into their so called VIP program to the tune of $14.95 a month. I will never buy from this company again and I caution all buyers to beware when navigating their order process. Ive never ordered from another retailer...
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By signing up for a discount on merchandise, I also agreed to be a member of the Northstyle Saving Club and was subsequently charged $14.95 A MONTH FOR THE MEMBERSHIP. I do not recall that there was a statement of the MONTHLY cost at the time I agreed to join the club, and I believe the company is assuming their customers won't notice the monthly charge on their credit cards immediately. Be careful, read the small print! Thank you American...
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I ordered clothing from Northstyle and after checkout was offered a VIP membership which would allow free shipping and 10% off a future purchase. NOWHERE in the trail offer description stated a $14.95 monthly cost until you click to agree to the trial membership. I called immediately to cancel and was told I would have to wait at least 48 hours for the membership to process - then I would be able to cancel within 30 days. (Something else to add...
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Northstyle Vip Membership Review

I don't think I signed up for $15 a month charge on my card. I don't want that and wouldn't have agreed to this had I known