Northstyle Vip Membership Reviews

By signing up for a discount on merchandise, I also agreed to be a member of the Northstyle Saving Club and was subsequently charged $14.95 A MONTH FOR THE MEMBERSHIP. I do not recall that there was a statement of the MONTHLY cost at the time I agreed to join the club, and I believe the company is assuming their customers won't notice the monthly charge on their credit cards immediately. Be careful, read the small print! Thank you American...
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I ordered clothing from Northstyle and after checkout was offered a VIP membership which would allow free shipping and 10% off a future purchase. NOWHERE in the trail offer description stated a $14.95 monthly cost until you click to agree to the trial membership. I called immediately to cancel and was told I would have to wait at least 48 hours for the membership to process - then I would be able to cancel within 30 days. (Something else to add...
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Northstyle Vip Membership Review

I don't think I signed up for $15 a month charge on my card. I don't want that and wouldn't have agreed to this had I known