Delta Junction, Alaska

I placed an order for a fall jacket 9/17, my credit card was charged immediately. Still waiting on order as of October 8.

I will never do business with Northstyle again. By the time I get this jacket it will be too cold to use it. By next fall it will probably be out of style. Three weeks plus who knows how much longer is ridiculous for delivery in 2012.

Pony express could have had it here quicker. Or I could have driven the few thousand miles myself and picked it up in less time.

No explanation or apology given by Northstyle. They don't care.

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Chesterfield, Virginia, United States #601716

I truly appreciate everyone's willingness to post their experiences on this website. I recently recieved one of their catalogs in the mail, and had picked out a few skirts that I thought were cute.

However, I thought it was weird that there were no customer reviews on their website (red flag?!) so I decided to do a little digging! Boy, am I glad I did. I have since decided against ordering from them because I don't have the time or patience for company's that don't respect their customers. Also, I searched the BBB and found that they have been accredited since 2007.

However, upon further inspection, it looks like they've had a total of 297 complaints and 24/25 customer reviews are negative! Amazing. I read through some of the complaints, and they are all very similar to the ones posted here - many of them revolving around customer service (or lack thereof). How this company stays in business is beyond me - but they won't be getting any of my hard earned dough anytime soon!

Disappointed though, because I really liked some of their skirts. :(


I agree with you. They are definitely making their money and I think that part of their business plan is hoping that customers just give up and decide to be out of the money that they paid for products


I too think that their shipping costs are much higher than they should be. My main complaint is regarding the terrible customer service.

I originally called on Oct 21 and spoke to a male representative and told him that I ordered a dress in a petite length and was sent the dress in regular length. He told me that he didn't think that the dress (item # NA-459P) came in petite. I had to prove to him by telling him the item # and the page of the catalog that of the dress. He transferred the call to customer service and I waited a long time and finally hung up figuring that it was a Sunday and that Northstyle probably had reduced staffing on a weekend day.

I called back today, 10/25/12 and spoke to the first representative (Linda) and was transferred again to the customer service department and was on hold for over 20 minutes. I finally hung up and called back so that I could explain that I was on my cell phone and it was eating up minutes because of their lengthy call wait time for customer service. I again spoke to Linda and told her my problem and she neither offered any apology or any attempt to assist me and again transferred me to customer service, which I was again on hold for a very lengthy period of time. I finally ended up hanging up.

I am afraid to send the product back for fear that I will be out of the all the money I paid for the dress as well as the shipping charges because the company seems so disorganized & unconcerned with assisting or alleviating any customer concerns.

I would highly recommend that the public thinks twice before ordering from Northsyle.

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