On 1/5/13 I ordered 2 clearance items, a cardigan and tank, and included my credit card number. On 1/25/13 I received a letter dated 1/8/13 saying there was a problem with my credit card and that they would hold the items 20 days (in other words until 1/28) to have this cleared up.

I called customer service on 1/25 and had them check the credit card number which went through with no problem and should have the first time. I was told that one item was no longer available but that the cardigan I ordered was available and would be shipped. On 1/31, when the cardigan had not arrived I called customer service and was told the cardigan was no longer available despite the fact that the letter from Northstyle said my order would be held for 20 days from 1/8 and I called on 1/25.

The only response I got from the Customer Service rep was "Sorry." In the mean time I purchased a tank to match the cardigan from another source which now has no cardigan to match it. In other words they bungled my credit card, promised to hold my order, were late in sending me the notice of the problem and delayed when they told me that my order would be sent until it was no longer possible for them to do so.

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