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I ordered clothing from Northstyle and after checkout was offered a VIP membership which would allow free shipping and 10% off a future purchase. NOWHERE in the trail offer description stated a $14.95 monthly cost until you click to agree to the trial membership. I called immediately to cancel and was told I would have to wait at least 48 hours for the membership to process - then I would be able to cancel within 30 days. (Something else to add to my calendar) So much for full disclosure. How annoying to learn of a charge after purchasing a... Read more

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I recently tried to inquire about a dress before I bought it. I will be honest, I have ordered a few items from them over the years, and have only had one problem, but did not let them know about it. The item was a beautiful spring dress, pastel colors, plaid, cotton, but came with a huge, gold zipper running down the back, and did not fit the dress at all, style-wise. It was more of a zipper for a jacket. I received the dress very close to the time I needed it, so did not return, or complain, but never liked that zipper. So this new dress I... Read more

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I ordered a blouse from North Style 3/11/16 to wear to my daughters' wedding on 4/17/16. The blouse arrived several weeks later, it was too big. I sent it back at my expense, requesting a small. They sent me, after the wedding, size large blue stripped pants, and charged me nearly twice what I had origionaly paid for the blouse. I called customer service. They appoligized and said the correct blouse was being sent to me free of charge. That never happened. I also incured a deposit of $32.04 and a debit of $19.98 from my bank account by North... Read more

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By chance I read some of these reviews as I was about to place a significant order with NorthStyle. Thanks to you who took time to write reviews, I will not subject myself to inferior service or deceptive business practices. Another company that serves somewhat as a broker on the internet, OpenSky, has the most amazing, excellent customer service I've ever encountered. An order from one of their vendors arrived without all the essential parts. OpenSky not only contacted the vendor, who did not respond as expected, but emailed me an update... Read more

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I had a bad experience after ordering a three piece outfit. The top did not fit, so I made a return and had to pay nearly $12 for shipping! I requested the same top in LG. They sent another medium! Charged me for the top again. After weeks and weeks I finally got the size LG, but was charged again for the third time!!! I have never seen a refund on my credit card... customer service doesn't respond promptly and compared to other online apparel companies, Northstyle is the worst that I've ever experienced. Too bad, because their clothing... Read more

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I never heard of this company until I received their catalog. I really liked their clothes and tried to place an order. I did not have success on the internet so ordered via telephone. The wait was ridiculous and I had to call back several times. I finally got through...placed my order...gave my credit card info., eat. After not receiving anything after two weeks, I checked my credit card and noticed nothing was charged. I called again...again waiting way too long..finally got someone online. In response to my inquiry, was told that... Read more

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Recently ordered several tops from Northstyle. One NB982 was washed in cold waster and shrunk, I can no longer wear. The other top NF530, was worn with white pants and completely ruin pants because the top rub against pants and literally turned the pants blue . Considering these were not cheap tops? I was very disappointed . Add comment

I did not authorize any transactions for "VIP" membership. I am typically very busy around the holidays shopping, so was not auditing my credit cards as I normally do, superficially everything seemed ok. I was SHOCKED when I got around to it in January to find that this company had been charging me 14.95 since I ordered and subsequently returned a coat (at my own expense) and a necklace (which I kept). When I disputed the charge (and won the dispute) with my credit card, sure enough, the next month, there was the charge AGAIN. I disputed... Read more

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I purchased online from NorthStyle (my first and last time). I paid $19.99 for s/h. The order was to arrive in 5-7 days and it took 11 days to arrive. I needed the items for an event and didn't get them in time. When I asked for a refund on my s/h charges the emails from NorthStyle were curt, rude, they lied about everything from the shipping date to the order date (I can count and I have my receipts people). I'll never do business with them again. They were insulting! Read more

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My credit card is being charged 14.95 and I never signed up for this. I just ordered a dress. Read more

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